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Pull Up a Chair for the Erie Front Porch Festival

June 6th, 2020, 9:30 AM

Summer in Erie is all about being out and about — perfectly aligned with food trucks' mission to follow the crowds. Eventually, though, crowds started following the food trucks, ushering the inaugural Erie Food Truck Festival and Erie's Downtown Food Truck Festival in 2018.

As we are all sadly aware, large crowds are contraindicated in 2020, as are all the traditional summertime events that would host them. As such, most Erie food trucks will remain parked for the summer, if not forever. Kate Philips, organizer of the first two highly successful Erie Food Truck Festivals and CEO of consulting firm Parker Philips, doesn't want to see that happen — and is assuming you don't either. 

"Food truck operators are a unique set of entrepreneurs who work and hustle — many of them are not even able to open this summer," laments Philips. 

Given that, she is hoping that this year's Erie Front Porch Festival, the Erie Food Truck Festival's socially distant successor, will help grease the pots and pans and engines of our area's mobile eateries for many more seasons to come. The event will feature five hours of local music streamed on Facebook Live, headlined by pop/R&B/funk cover outfit The Groove in their first virtual performance ever from the PACA Building.

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