Gallery 1503

PACA and Attic Rehab are teaming up to provide art gallery space for local artists at 1503 State St. (connected to Attic Rehab) open Tuesdays-Saturdays.

Display your artwork in the heart of Downtown Erie.

Artists can rent 10'x10' of wall space for $100/month. Limited space available.
Fill out the form below if you are interested.

A 10% commission will be added to all sales to cover PA sales tax paperwork, wrapping, customer assistance, and accounting services.

Obligations of Gallery1503

  1. Provide all utilities.
  2. Provide all personnel to manage gallery and sell all art on a regular business hour basis.
  3. Collect and appropriately distribute PA sales tax.
  4. Collect all purchase prices.
  5. Maintain a buyers list.
  6. Pay artists on a monthly basis for all sales.
  7. Maintain general liability policy for gallery space.
  8. PACA, Gallery 1503, and Attic Rehab will provide limited advertising and social media coverage for all art and events.

Obligations of artists/tenants

  1. Provide ready to hang art on a timely basis.
  2. Hang art professionally as to their discretion.
  3. Provide a sheet of all art consigned with names, art catalogue number, and prices.
  4. Provide price tags and artist statements.
  5. Replace sold art.
  6. Provide their own renters or homeowners insurance on all consigned items.
  7. Artists will provide social media coverage for all events, the Gallery 1503 in general, and their art on social media.

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