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Auditions: BROWNSTONE by Catherine Butterfield at PACA

November 7th, 2022, 8:00 AM

Three different points of time converge in a New York City Brownstone spanning sixty five years and encompassing the lives of three pairs of people.

There are the newlyweds Stephen and Davia who long to move to Paris, however a certain German dictator my thwart their plans.

There are aspiring actresses Maureen and Deena Who are struggling to get their big break, one Of whom may or may not be having a relationship with John Lennon.

And lastly, we have engaged Power Couple Jessica and Jason, who find their relationship complicated by and unexpected pregnancy.

With nothing other than the roof above their heads in common, all of these characters share New York experiences of compromising ambition, falling in love, and making memories.

Drama 75-90 minutes
4W, 2M
Contains adult language and obscured nudity

  • Davia, 24 in 1937. A frustrated socialite longing for love and adventure.
  • Stephen, 26 in 1937. A New York journalist, in love with Davia.
  • Deena, 22 in 1978. A rich girl from Texas who wants to be a star, fresh from college to the big city.
  • Maureen, 22 in 1978. A Midwest beauty, aspiring actress, Deena's former classmate and now her roommate. (Character requires partial nudity)
  • Jason, 26 in 1999. A high powered commodities broker.
  • Jessica, 25 in 1999, his similarly driven wife and advertising executive.
  • David, 26 in 2001. Davia's and Stephen's grandson.

Author's note: Stephen and David are played by the same person.

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