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Auditions for Night of the Living Dead,The Musical, by Clare Higgins and Erie resident, Steve Winstead.

March 7th, 2019, 2:02 PM

PACA announces auditions for singers, dancers, and actors for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, The Musical, by Clare Higgins and Erie resident, Steve Winstead.

Based on the 1968 horror cult film by George Romero, this jarringly relevant modern-day rock musical employs all the scares and humor of our current cultural climate.  We must band together to terminate this gruesome zombie army before it brings all mankind down!


Auditions are on Saturday, July 13th from 1-5 pm in the PACA theatre or by special appointment by calling the Director – Michael Murnin, at 718-614-6532.

Performances will be October 4th – October 26th, 2019.  Rehearsals begin on August 1st.


Be prepared to:

  • Sing a modern song of your choice, (Accompanist will be provided – bring sheet music or CD, if available).
  • Dress comfortably for movement.
  • Please bring a photo (snap shot is OK) and resume, if available.
  • You will be asked to read from the script.
  • No experience necessary.

All roles are available:

Barbra (Early 30's): A high-strung professional with sincere religious beliefs and a respectful attitude toward the memory of her deceased father. (mezzo-soprano or soprano)

Johnny (Mid 30's): Barbra's older brother, who has an irreverent and sometimes macabre sense of humor and loves to tease his sister. (tenor)

Ben (30 to 45 years old): An Afro-American high school history teacher. Strong, intelligent and a born leader, with a painful personal history of dealing with racism. (strong baritone or high base)

Tom (18-19 years old): A good-looking and good-hearted popular guy, getting ready for freshman year of college. Brave and strong, and ready to do what's needed in any emergency without complaint. (tenor)

Judy (17-18 year old): A senior in high school, afraid of their future once her boyfriend Tom leaves for college. Very much in love with Tom. (high alto or mezzo-soprano)

Harry Cooper (40-50 years old): A stubborn, short-tempered, opinionated bigot, who feels he married beneath his station and is domineering and condescending toward his wife. (tenor)

Helen Cooper (40-50 years old): A strong woman who won't be dominated, and who is disillusioned because she once believed having a child would help mend her failing marriage. (mezzo-soprano or soprano)

Karen Cooper (10-12 years old): Injured by a bite from a zombie, she is in an altered state, and then becomes a zombie, to the horror of her mother who remembers their loving relationship. (child alto)

TV Anchorman (30s and above): Good, broadcast-quality voice and looks. (tenor)

Dr. Grimes (45 years old): A confident research scientist that knows his/her stuff and has an eccentric sense of humor. (baritone or base)

Police Chief Colin McClellan (50-60 years old):  A tough and bigoted southern "Good Ol' Boy." (tenor)

Vince (25 to 35 years old): A "green" deputy to Chief McClellan, who is trying to fit in to the police force without compromising his beliefs, which are the opposite of McClellan's.

Zombie ensemble: Various genders and ages, from a variety of time periods. Singers and dancers.   (all voice ranges)

Civilian and Police Posse ensemble: Various genders and ages.  Singers. (all voice ranges)

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