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PACA receives more than $10,000 in grants for modern upgrades

July 29th, 2020, 5:07 PM

An historic building downtown is getting some help in getting up to speed with modern regulations.

The Performing Arts Collective Alliance, or PACA, is receiving more than $10,000 through a commodore grant to upgrade restrooms to the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.

The building is used by artists for performance pieces and also as a marketplace to sell their artwork and getting ADA compliant bathroom is a necessity to keep the building open.

"It's very hard to retrofit an old building to modern code and we're just doing the very best we can. We have a great architect in Rob Marz and that's helping us tremendously." said Mark Tanenbaum.

The grant won't cover all of the costs, so some additional fundraising is also being planned.


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