Live Forward

The motto of PACA is "Live Forward". This seemingly simple statement is the guiding principle of whatever we do. It means that while the past is a reality, it isn't the dogmatic overriding force that should be in control of our present. While one can learn from mistakes, it is counterproductive to allow the past to usurp current efforts to do good work and produce positive outcomes. Problems are resolved. Successes are assimilated. Our goal at PACA is to keep the drama on the stage, not in our lives.

Living Forward means establishing the sustainability of the arts, the individuals, our community, and PACA itself.


Performing Artists Collective Alliance (PACA) is a community performing arts center and theater that promotes the widest variety of artistic endeavors and educational opportunities. As we continue to grow and evolve, we find new ways to reach out to the community. We promote performing and visual arts educational opportunities, give space to artistic and performing groups without a permanent home and provide space for the arts to thrive.

In addition to our own PACA PRESENTS PRODUCTIONS, PACA will provide quality space to teachers and practitioners of dance, theater, fitness, and music so that they may explore their individual visions and goals. Teachers will be free to create their own class schedules and curriculum and attract students who will attend classes. Space will include a theater for live performances, as well as several areas designated for rehearsals and classes. Soundproof vocal and instrumental rooms are being constructed. In addition, performance space and gallery space is available for shows and rentals.

By providing quality classroom and performance space to a wide range of practitioners, it is hoped that a synergistic overlapping of talents will naturally occur and artistic creativity will organically develop and evolve. This sharing of talents should assist in creating new and original collaborations between artists. The combination of studio space in conjunction with performance space will allow these collaborations to be seamlessly presented to the public.

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