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PACA is a 501c3 nonprofit theatre that relies on your support to continue carrying out our mission. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Thank you for helping PACA make the arts happen in Erie, PA Our current projects to renovate our historic building include: replacing our roof , installing ADA-compliant bathrooms on the first floor, and improved signage on a main entrance.

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We are continuously working to improve our historic 120-year-old building. Our current renovation projects include: replacing our roof , installing ADA-compliant bathrooms on the first floor, and improved signage on our main entrance.


The Mayer Building located at 1501-1509 State Street is a majestic structure just south of the 15th railroad bridge. Built in 1899 it has served as a manufacturing site for men's clothing and other products as well as a retail outlet for items ranging from food to wall paper. It is built with steel manufactured by the Lackawanna Steel Company in Scranton PA, the second largest steel company in America at the time. The Stairway is constructed from Pennsylvania slate and is said to be the tallest such structure in the state.

For $100, a commemorative plaque will be placed on a step with the dedication of your choosing.
Become a part of this historic building.

Dedicate a Step

Building Fund

As part of our fundraising efforts to payoff our newly-installed roof and add a new "Green Roof" on top, donors can receive naming rights or affixed placards in the areas of the building listed below.

This one-time donation provides the means to enhance our facility as a premier self-sustaining performing arts center.

Contact Mark Tanenbaum at (814) 434-0687. Checks can be made out to PACA and mailed to 1505 State Street, Erie, PA 16501.


Entire Arts Center $300,000
Theater Stage $35,000
Art Gallery $25,000
Dance studio $15,000


Outside Lobby $5,000
Lighting Booth $4,000
Kitchen $4,000
Office $2,500
Green Room $2,500
Foyer $2,500
Ticket Booth $2,000
Individual Theater Pew $1,000
Individual Art Studio $250

Thank you to our donors

We are able to continue making the arts happens in Downtown Erie, PA thanks to financial support from patrons like you. Thank you!

Brydon-Nadworny Family $1,000.00
Paula Barrett $1,000.00
Erie Arts and Culture $510.76
Fort LeBoeuf American Legion Post 285 $500.00
Donna L. Nicholas $500.00
Robert & Lauren Unger $360.00
Annita Andrick $300.00
ApexDrop Influence Marketing $250.00
Paul, Nicole, Alex & Taylor Wojcik $250.00
Maggie Knox Western $200.00
Dr. & Mrs. David S. Teufel $200.00
Marge & Chuck Phillips $150.00
Mary Gamble $150.00
Carol & Alan Smith $150.00
Bob Martin $125.00
Kathy Iorio & Dr. Tony Snow $125.00
Hal & Mattie $100.00
Gary Maas $100.00
Filomena M. Glass $100.00
Ray Flynt $100.00
Jennifer Desantis $100.00
Marion A. Chaney & Jeanne Marie Ryan $100.00
Henry N. Fox Professional Pest Management $100.00
Brian J. Pardini $100.00
Julie Cohen $100.00
Paula Cosner $100.00
David Blaetz $100.00
Marge and Chuck Phillips Families $100.00
Kathleen Krysiak $75.00
Stephanie Lis $60.00
Margaret Hetz $55.00
Raylene & Paul Dill $55.00
Michael Scalzitti $55.00
Fred & Bernie Infield $55.00
Mr. Albert Geisler, Jr. $55.00
Linda Williams $55.00
Julie Whan $50.00
Rosaline Hanks $50.00
Maribeth McCarthy $50.00
Mary J. Rosiak $50.00
Ginnie Edwards Burger $50.00
American Legion Auxiliary Unit #571 $50.00
Janice Wittmershaus $50.00
Ken Gamble, Sr. $50.00
David Cummings $50.00
Megs Harrison $50.00
Renee Mong $50.00
Michelle Felion $50.00
Steve & Denise Kovacs $50.00
Cassandra Anderson, OBM $50.00
Marge Painter $30.00
Louise W. Garrelts $25.00
Rose McCall $25.00
Melanie Lion $25.00
Richard J. Cellino $25.00
Marie Copper $25.00
Luther & Constance Manus $25.00
Shelly & David Benjamin $25.00
Fabienne $25.00
Kristen Koehler-Spare $25.00
Scott McGrath $25.00
Rebecca & David VanAmburg $25.00
Jasse Leroy Camacho $25.00
Joseph D'Alba $25.00
Cathie Whitmire $20.00
Cleva Long $20.00
Erie Clayspace $19.60
Christine Ferrare $10.00
Jane Lenart $10.00
Mary Desmone $10.00
Dr. Selene J. Cowher $10.00
Sonya Kokus $8.00