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Revitalization project begins as PACA windows arrive

March 5th, 2019, 12:00 AM

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A redevelopment project is now getting underway in Downtown Erie. This Tuesday, windows were delivered for the 120-year-old building on State Street where PACA is located. 

The windows replace the boards that have been seen in the historic structure.  The building is home to 31 artist's studios.  PACA is a non-profit organization that stands for Performing Artists Collective Alliance.  Its new windows cost $107,000. 

PACA received a $45,000 grant from Housing and Urban Development, and $25,000 of the matching funds come from the Erie Community Foundation. 

PACA has been planning the improvements for over two years, as part of the downtown revitalization. The windows are expected to be fully installed by the end of March. 

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