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Erie Clayspace
Pottery/Ceramics Studio & Classroom
Erie ClaySpace


A full-service ceramics studio with a rich history, Erie ClaySpace is a 35 year old organization in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. From studio memberships and classes to community outreach and guest artists, we're committed to operating as a resource for Erie and the surrounding communities.

We are united in a common purpose—to educate, empower, and inspire through ceramic arts. With classes and workshops for all ages and skill levels, Erie ClaySpace is the city's most unique and impactful community ceramic studio.


Formerly an entity of the Erie Art Museum, the Erie ClaySpace Artists Association is an independent nonprofit group of ceramic artists that manage the ClaySpace studio. Each of our members rents 24/7 access to our studio, equipment, and materials, and is an integral addition to our community of creators.

For more information on our studio, board of directors, or nonprofit status, contact us here.

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